New Year Resolutions

I know. It’s the 47th Day of January 🙂 and a tad too late to make resolutions. At the beginning of this year, I thought through all the things I intended to accomplish. Normally, I have a list of resolutions, most of which I never accomplish. However this time I wanted to do things differently, so I made a silent resolution I hadn’t intended to share till I read a very similar post here.

I have had the most uncomfortable year in 2013 and many times I asked myself and the man above so many questions. I have cried and whined. Felt sad within and void … It was until late last year, after so much pushing and pulling with God that I gave up. Yes, I gave up pushing God. I gave up forcing my way and control when what He want me to do is stay still. I surrendered and let Him have His rightful place.. And from that moment I felt a sense of greatness. I made a pact with God to thank and appreciate Him and those around me.

So this year, all wrapped in one, Matthew: 6: 33.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

What I’m saying is I resolve to seek God more and more. I want to fall in love with Jesus. I will wait on him and seek his lead even when I’m impatient and agile because He is the giver of all that we desire. I will walk my paths seeking His face earnestly, loving Him and others because that’s what He who created me wants me to do.

See, if I can be able to achieve this, then any other resolution/plan for this year can fall well below this!