Peaceful Waters

Sat by the river

listening to the water splash in a hurry

Birds singing beautiful melodies

But thoughts tore my mind

They invaded my most vital part

barring every clear idea

what if I dive in,

or maybe just fell in

would I survive?

Would my limbs save me?

Would I be at peace?

…. and then I let my mind free

I let the water carry my thoughts away

cool calm water

flowing beneath my feet,

freezing the blood inside me

my feet trembled

in those cold water,

but there was peace in its calmness

the surrounding was serene

green and full on life

I felt a change

as my soul took a rest

it took control of me

Cleared my every thought.

The water supplied me with peace.

On the horizon

the sun begun to set

as the water run faster

for a moment I was blank

and I knew that was it!

My mind was clear,

My soul had found rest,

My heart was at peace.

Everything had been swept away by the river

the setting sun promised a new dawn

just as it silently assured.