6 Months’ a Mother

I want you to know that you overwhelmingly overpower me

And makes me realize how small I am.

And big

And vulnerable.

And strong.

And a fighter.

For you, I am everything!

You turned my life upside down.

I want you to know that I love you.

I will always do.


I honestly never knew a love that’s so deep and pure until you came into my life.

As long as  live, I will be there for you

I will always have your back

I will be there to hold your hand

I will be your cheerleader

every step of the way, I will.

And because there are battles I wont fight for you,

when I can’t protect you,

I need you to know that you will be fine.

‘cos you are a star

‘cos I taught you how to survive.

life ain’t easy.

You need to know that,

every time I close my eyes to pray,

I never miss to mention your name.

…But should anything happen,

when I’m not here anymore

promise me that you will be alright.

And baby,

when you’re too big for my laps,

In my heart, you are engraved!

PS: I got you baby. God got us 🙂


17 Apart

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Strange! I am not afraid.

I was not sad then.

when the door closed on me.

I did not mourn.

Because it was a journey you had to take.

You had to leave. And I let you, gracefully

521 days apart.

Each day bearing a renewed hope of getting close to you.

I asked God to take care of you

And meanwhile prepare me to embrace you.

On your return.

From a world of different choices

Of broken roads

But somehow leading us closer each day

I prayed for you a little extra

each day more than the day before

Something told me you’ll need it.

Especially in tracing your way back

To a love that started way before we met


If I don’t see tomorrow,

the only memory there will be will remain in you,

for my name will not read in  the History of  greats,

my memoir will not be stored in the archives,

and soon my name will fade,

because my sun shall have set.

If I don’t see tomorrow,

weep not my child,

for I will have found a better place.

I know it will be hard for you to fathom

but it will be a new dawn.

If I don’t see tomorrow,

let is not be said that I cowed,

for my soul has endured,

but my spirit begged for rest,

and so my dawn broke in.

If I don’t see tomorrow,

mourn me not,

instead rejoice,

for I will have found a better place,

let my mother know that I had to precede,

with angels right, left and centre,

I will watch over her.

If tomorrow closes on me,

don’t cry my friends,

for my soul shall be shinning on you.

If I don’t see tomorrow,

I hope in your hearts I will live!