Life Is a Journey

Low spirited

Life’s difficulties

Heavy burdens

Weighing her down

so much zeal

to reach her destination.

Dark clouds

Feeling grey

a grim of sadness

’cause love so complicated

a heart so willing

till love bears fruits.

Heavy panting

Enduring soul

loyal to this life

determined to finish the race

the victory torch awaits her

at the end of life’s journey.



Rolling down the cheek,
while the eyelids cheer at every drop,
like raindrops,
they compete with each other on my face,
leaving tear tattoos on it,
but they don’t know how much pain am in.

Tears run in my blood streams,
replacing red with pain,
My heart is tormented by this tears,
which seems not to know their place,
Invading my happiness
balancing in my eyes,
blurring every image.

Tears haunt me in my sleep,
in my dreams I am scared.
Hiding under the smile,
you can’t see the tears,
but in my heart,
The tears still flows.

Light me up again, Honey?

You said the words, they were magical
You made a connection, for enternal
But what did you do,
That switched the light off?
On, off, blink.
On, off and blink again
But here I am
Begging you to light the match,
and put the burning stick on my thread.
Light me!
Help me send darkness away.
Bring back that effect!
Overpower me
Make me strong again.
Shield me,
make me dare
Give me an adventure.
Take me beyond me,
Help me sing this tune in my heart,
Make me whole again!


Sometimes I feel like God has already left his office,
like my prayer requests are always timed out,
because whenever I need Him most,He seems so far or maybe busy responding to other request.
But when is my time? Where is this Helper He said He’ll send?
God where is you when I call on you?
When my life feels out of my hands?
Where art thou when families are tearing apart?
When parents are loosing their children to sex, money and drugs?
When hospital beds are filled with chronically-ill patients?
When faithfulls are flocking in the church but they can’t find you?
Where are you God when everything’s falling apart?
Where everybody talks about a God they have never seen?
. . . Or maybe am too blind to see the signs,
that You live within us?