6 Months’ a Mother

I want you to know that you overwhelmingly overpower me

And makes me realize how small I am.

And big

And vulnerable.

And strong.

And a fighter.

For you, I am everything!

You turned my life upside down.

I want you to know that I love you.

I will always do.


I honestly never knew a love that’s so deep and pure until you came into my life.

As long as  live, I will be there for you

I will always have your back

I will be there to hold your hand

I will be your cheerleader

every step of the way, I will.

And because there are battles I wont fight for you,

when I can’t protect you,

I need you to know that you will be fine.

‘cos you are a star

‘cos I taught you how to survive.

life ain’t easy.

You need to know that,

every time I close my eyes to pray,

I never miss to mention your name.

…But should anything happen,

when I’m not here anymore

promise me that you will be alright.

And baby,

when you’re too big for my laps,

In my heart, you are engraved!

PS: I got you baby. God got us 🙂


New Year Resolutions

I know. It’s the 47th Day of January 🙂 and a tad too late to make resolutions. At the beginning of this year, I thought through all the things I intended to accomplish. Normally, I have a list of resolutions, most of which I never accomplish. However this time I wanted to do things differently, so I made a silent resolution I hadn’t intended to share till I read a very similar post here.

I have had the most uncomfortable year in 2013 and many times I asked myself and the man above so many questions. I have cried and whined. Felt sad within and void … It was until late last year, after so much pushing and pulling with God that I gave up. Yes, I gave up pushing God. I gave up forcing my way and control when what He want me to do is stay still. I surrendered and let Him have His rightful place.. And from that moment I felt a sense of greatness. I made a pact with God to thank and appreciate Him and those around me.

So this year, all wrapped in one, Matthew: 6: 33.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

What I’m saying is I resolve to seek God more and more. I want to fall in love with Jesus. I will wait on him and seek his lead even when I’m impatient and agile because He is the giver of all that we desire. I will walk my paths seeking His face earnestly, loving Him and others because that’s what He who created me wants me to do.

See, if I can be able to achieve this, then any other resolution/plan for this year can fall well below this!

Coming From Where I’m From

Waking up each morning,

to noise of  children as they play in the neighbourhood,

the rays of the rising sun shamelessly peeping through the cracks on the wooden house,

gets off her small bed in search of something to put in her stomach.

in the kitchen there sat a set of  stones,

clueless, supporting a sufuria coated with soot,

smoke filled the small room,

from the wet firewood collected last night

the cracks clearly indicating the situation there.

In the farm, women are busy tilling ,

men in the sheds cleaning, feeding and milking

children flirting with the sun, playing all sorts of games …

a village. Nuclear village.

clustered families,

where life is like shadows that don’t know where to go,

waiting for tomorrow.

At sunset we share a basin of water to wash our feet,

gathered at the fireplace,

with our stomach growling in hunger,

we fight for the little crumbs available,

something  just to make us fall asleep,

and sometimes things get rough,

but it’s my pride. It’s where I am from.

Peaceful Waters

Sat by the river

listening to the water splash in a hurry

Birds singing beautiful melodies

But thoughts tore my mind

They invaded my most vital part

barring every clear idea

what if I dive in,

or maybe just fell in

would I survive?

Would my limbs save me?

Would I be at peace?

…. and then I let my mind free

I let the water carry my thoughts away

cool calm water

flowing beneath my feet,

freezing the blood inside me

my feet trembled

in those cold water,

but there was peace in its calmness

the surrounding was serene

green and full on life

I felt a change

as my soul took a rest

it took control of me

Cleared my every thought.

The water supplied me with peace.

On the horizon

the sun begun to set

as the water run faster

for a moment I was blank

and I knew that was it!

My mind was clear,

My soul had found rest,

My heart was at peace.

Everything had been swept away by the river

the setting sun promised a new dawn

just as it silently assured.

Life Is a Journey

Low spirited

Life’s difficulties

Heavy burdens

Weighing her down

so much zeal

to reach her destination.

Dark clouds

Feeling grey

a grim of sadness

’cause love so complicated

a heart so willing

till love bears fruits.

Heavy panting

Enduring soul

loyal to this life

determined to finish the race

the victory torch awaits her

at the end of life’s journey.

I wanna be a Butterfly

I wanna be free and fly limitless,
I want to liberate my feelings, express my highs and lows,
I want to free my heart from the love strings,
I wanna be sentimental but keep my emotions at bay,
I wanna be colourful yet identify with just one colour,
I wanna be loved though not everyone will,
I want to spread my wings and reach my destiny,
I wanna be fragile but still show courage and strength,
I want the wind to carry me to a peaceful place,
I wanna smell the lilies in the garden and the fresh air up high,
I want my beauty to show from afar,
I want you to have a tattoo of me on your back,
I want to leave a lasting mark,
I wanna rest on your shoulder,
I wanna be sorounded with all that I love,
I wanna have a blissful life…
I wana be a butterfly.


Soon as her titties started to pop out,

she already had a fan base,

She enjoyed the  hype and the life on the fast lane.

She was the new kid on the block,

we all watched  out for her as she becomes the next big thing.

She was  promising, inspiring and determined,

her lyrics woed the mass.

This  was everwhelming,

fame and admiration,all the attention on stage…

She thought she made it,

but she missed the point!

A misconception in her innocent endevour,

wanted to prove the world a point,

but the world couldnt stop and watch,

gave in to drugs, promiscuity.

Sex without protection, not worrying of the consequencies,

now she is a recovering addict and a young mother too,

she lives with regrets but for the sake of the little seed,

she wanna  make a good mom,

hoping the tides will cover up her prevoius steps.

She let the world fool her.

. . . . and that was her mistake!!