I boarder between introvert and extrovert. Sometimes I’m outspoken and most of the time I reserve my thoughts, emotions and feelings. I think a lot, even when there really no room to think. I’m indecisive and conflicted. I feel a song/poem/word in my heart and when I sit to think of it, it disappears. I move from bursting with happiness to a sulking black soul within a fraction. I love deeply and entirely. That’s how complicated my life is!

This however does’t in anyway define who I am. I am an emotional woman, (sometimes I think God added a certain extra amount of emotions in me). I get goosebumps listening to soulful music. I enjoy- no, cross that- I LOVE art in every form. I have this ‘wanting to do good’ heart and a guilty conscious that never lets me sleep! I have flaws as well.

Having been brought up in the village, I have always felt village-like in my thinking hence #TheVillageGirl.

Lately I discovered I could write my thoughts into somehow lovely poems and it’s from this; that thevillagegirl.wordpress.com sprout.

Welcome to the musing of the Village girl. Enjoy the read and possibly leave a comment.

Drop me an Email on hellenkuria9@yahoo.com

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The VillageGirl


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear village girl, i have gone through your blog, and have to appreciate how you go about drawing your thoughts and ideas, if you are interested, there is a piece i have been wanting to write…. involves a conversation between a guy and a girl…so incase you are interested, u know where to reply…

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