Lost Blood

Grey replaced loyalty,

Time became a killer,

Of something mightily blessed

Conversations turned the room dull,

There was no clear sight

Friends become foes

Distance grew wider

Black was dancing to the victory song

As red lay on the dying bed.


Dressed in a blue armour,

Hope fought tirelessly,

Though her energy dwindled like a flickering light.

She held a green mantle

And matched around the cemetery

Calling out loud to save the lost blood

Yellow adamantly followed

And pride swayed her hips from a distance.

Tried, and tired of the fight,

Each cut going deeper

And with scars bluntly showing

She won’t let her zeal die

determined to fight tooth and nail

To save the lost blood

To save her own flesh,

Her Love.

PS: The title is borrowed from Xtatic’s song “Lost Blood”, one of my favorite unpublished song she ever did!


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