I Chased The Rain

I chased the Rain away

Without my knowledge I sent it away

I let the wind blow it to a different land

Whining and dissatisfied I blew it away

And now am dying from drought…

I chased the Rain

Just when the skies were swollen like udders

The clouds were dark ready to let it fall

But I was too impatient to wait for the skies  to open

And instead, they curved in fear…

I shortchanged the Rain

No enough was ever enough for me

In showers I wanted heavy down pour,

I never appreciated it, belittled it

And now am crying under the merciless sun

Burning me to the heart…

Bring back the Rain,

Just to see the raindrops rolling down my window

And I will surrender to it

I’ll let it rain in a special way,

Quiet, gentle, tapping on my roof…

Dear God bring back the Rain tonight!


7 thoughts on “I Chased The Rain

  1. i love the symbolism of this poem… my interpretation is that the rain is a lover you sent away… or took for granted and now the writer is in regrets. It is simple and deep

  2. Yeah, the writer uses the Rain symbolically to represent things we take for granted and come to realize it too late when all is gone. . . .In this case, a love she pushed away 😦

    Thank you for appreciating.very smart of you.

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