The Sunshine

Their’s was a different story,
His’ was a dark cold world,
Her’s was the sun none wanted to bask under,
He never thought the sun existed,
She never knew anyone out there needed her rays.

He was a rough pearl,
could not reflect the charm within him in the dark.
He wanted the sun so bad
for the warmth and light.
He tranversed across boarders
in search of this rare astrological body
but the sun hid in the strangest of places.

She was the sun in the clouds
all through the seasons, she was never appreciated.
Whenever she rose to shine,
they complained she was scotching.
When the dark clouds set in,
they wanted her. Only for a short time.
If the rains persisted,
they pleaded with her to return…
And desperately she would appear,
hoping they will want her all year through.

In his endevours,
he finally found the sun.
But the sun had given up on waiting,
waiting for just that one season when she would be wanted,
for that one person who would bask endlessly in her warmth and not whine.
But when the pearl met the sun,
the connection spurred up what lay within them,
his charm and her warmth.

It was until this day,
when He met Her,
that the sun set-free her rays and the pearl gave it’s reflection!


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