Soon as her titties started to pop out,

she already had a fan base,

She enjoyed the  hype and the life on the fast lane.

She was the new kid on the block,

we all watched  out for her as she becomes the next big thing.

She was  promising, inspiring and determined,

her lyrics woed the mass.

This  was everwhelming,

fame and admiration,all the attention on stage…

She thought she made it,

but she missed the point!

A misconception in her innocent endevour,

wanted to prove the world a point,

but the world couldnt stop and watch,

gave in to drugs, promiscuity.

Sex without protection, not worrying of the consequencies,

now she is a recovering addict and a young mother too,

she lives with regrets but for the sake of the little seed,

she wanna  make a good mom,

hoping the tides will cover up her prevoius steps.

She let the world fool her.

. . . . and that was her mistake!!


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