Let’s not play the game

For a change of tune,
we played the blame game,
I was guilty you were innocent,
and now all you do is soak in regret.
Lets cut this strings
whatever happened was nothing new
probably it would have happened at one point in time,
maybe all I did was catalyse it.
What you got to do now is dust off the past and move on,
pick up the pieces if you could and try mending them.
As they say there is a reason for everything;some good, others not.
But whatever reason learn from it.
Regret wont fix the situation.
Instead you drown in it.
I got good lessons from this.
Only once did I go blind in love and but now am eyes-open.
For what it was worth, it made me stronger and reminded me of my worth.
Like every dark cloud,there is a silver lining,
find yours, coz I have found mine!


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