It’s complicated

Normaly I dont use social sites to vent out expressing my anger, weepin’ my broken heart or just praising my intelligent ego!because its not my diary. I find that stupid as everybody is busy updating their statuses or betta yet stalking on other. Hardly will you get a genuine ‘sorry’ ,they do it because its the trend. . . .but tonight I want to do the stupid,that which I say is useless. I want to mourn my dead feelings, I want to laugh at my stupid desires for thinking that everything is on a silver platter for them. I want to mock my ignorant heart for falling so fast. . .and ridicule my immature thoughts. I want to weep with my smile, teary for my eyes. My eyes smiles cynicaly,because they had seen it, they knew it was coming and tried to warn the heart… I sweat my heart,for running all the miles,wearing out my blood.
He showed me love, then took it back. And the irony is a sweet-lemon,really hard to explain because as it is, its complicated!


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