I wanna be a Butterfly

I wanna be free and fly limitless,
I want to liberate my feelings, express my highs and lows,
I want to free my heart from the love strings,
I wanna be sentimental but keep my emotions at bay,
I wanna be colourful yet identify with just one colour,
I wanna be loved though not everyone will,
I want to spread my wings and reach my destiny,
I wanna be fragile but still show courage and strength,
I want the wind to carry me to a peaceful place,
I wanna smell the lilies in the garden and the fresh air up high,
I want my beauty to show from afar,
I want you to have a tattoo of me on your back,
I want to leave a lasting mark,
I wanna rest on your shoulder,
I wanna be sorounded with all that I love,
I wanna have a blissful life…
I wana be a butterfly.


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