I AM A WOMAN….Society’s Woman

I am a woman,

Society’s woman,

I choose to lead my life,

And not be dictated by the changing world!

Though fashion and events changes,

I remain with my style- conservative!

Sometimes I show alil’ cleavage,

And wear “above-the-knee” skirt,

but that’s all there is,

I still maintain my dignity!


I am a woman,

My children’s mirror,

They look up to me,

Wanting to model me,

In every man,there’s a piece of me.

Sometimes I get drunk and throw up,

But God knows I try-

try hard to keep the image!


I am a woman,

Society calls me weaker sex,

But I choose to enjoy sex,

because it’s all in the mind,

And I got the female organs.

I am not weak!!-

sexually or otherwise!


I am a woman,

Society chose me,

As the pillar, the coner stone,

To bring forth life,

and nurture with love and care,

To reflect human race,

As a mother,

A lady,

A daughter.

I am a woman,

A woman of society.


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