See, that time when you feel sentimental, inspired and sad at the same time.

Like you got a lump in your heart & the pressure is too low.

Like if you sat at a corner you’d write a100 poems all with different title but describing the same feeling.

Like the heart aint ever gonna tell you the truth.

Like if there were two of them you’d switch to the other one;that which hasn’t had rough.

Like in the end nothing really belonged to you,

Like the more you believe the more you get confused

Like the virtues you hold dear are not applicable in this cruelty.

Like the chance you got to make thing right is so limited.

Like you are pregnant with furry, fear and blue.

Like you find happiness only after you die

Like the only life left in you is begging to die…

. . . . Well that’s the feeling right now


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