It started at conception,
We had a connection,
One heart,same blood, same air.

I saw through your eyes,
Felts through your senses,
Breath the air you breath!

You gave me shelter,
You wanted the best from me,
Though sometime I fail,
You never loose hope on me!

You utilised everything within your reach,
to see me reach my goals
Though I havent reached there yet,
you believe I will!

You are not the strong woman we all may have known,
But the strength your heart holds is stronger than physical,
Because you fight to live. . .

To see your grandkids,
Wake you up in the early morning,
For some coins to buy bread or pencil or book,
To sneak in the store and bite your fruits!

You never deny them,
That’s how they put a smile on your face,
their mischieviousness!

One thing i ask though,
Is that the good Lord Keeps you long enough,
because your value is still needed,
Your wise councells are valued!

You have gone through rough,
But you always get out,
Stronger and tougher!!!
God Bless you Ma’!!


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